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Do you feel like your taste buds need a vacation to Spain? Skip the plane ticket and head to TXANTON! Founded in 2012, TXANTON Menu Philippines has established itself as the leading jamoneria in the Philippines. Think fancy wines from all over the world, just waiting to be poured. Then, picture excellent ham, hand-carved to perfection, that melts in your mouth like a Spanish dream. But wait, there’s more! They’ve got tons of delicious goodies like cheese, meats, and olive oil, all straight from Spain.

Feeling Hungry? Txanton Menu Philippines cooks authentic Spanish dishes that make your taste buds do the flamenco and feel more chill. Their wine bar is perfect for tapas and drinks with friends. And if you can’t visit in person, no pain! Their online shop delivers all their Spanish goodness straight to your door.

Txanton Raciones De Conservas Premium Menu

Navajas Al Ajillo1295
Carpaccio De Pimientos Del Cristal995
Alcachofas Con Salsa De Foei950
Zamburinas Con Pisto950
Mejillones En Escabeche Con Crema De Coliflor795
Habas Salteadas Con Huevo Frito Y Jamón Ibérico775
Espárragos Calientes Con EVOO Torello Y Vinagre Forvm695

Txanton Raciones De Embutidos Selectos Menu

Torta de Casar (Spread)2295
Super Tabla De Quesos1395
Tabla De Quesos845
Tabla de Manchego845
Tabla de Cabra750
Cata De Lomo795
Cata De Chorizo595
Cata De Salchichón595
Cata Del Payés495
Daditos De Bellota495

Txanton Aperitivillos Appetizers Menu

Paté De Jamón195
Chili Relleno145

Txanton Entrantes Fríos Menu

Cojonudos Del Navarrico695
Carpaccio De Presa Ibérica525
Beetroot Soup250

Txanton Ensaladas Salads Menu

Rollitos De Jamón Rellenos – Bellota1195
Rollitos De Jamón Rellenos - Ibérico735
Ensalada De Atún En Escabeche595
Ensalada Con Queso595

Txanton Apologia De La Anchoa Menu

Pimiento De Piquillo Confitado Con Anchoas1995
Homemade Gildas1595
Hummus Con Anchoas1495
Ensalada Con Anchoas1495
Plato De Anchoas Serie Limitada895
Escalibada Con Anchoas755
Crema De Anchoas195

Txanton Cuchara Caliente Menu

Sopa De Pescado555
Lentejas Dela Abuela550
Lentejas Vegetarianas395
Garbanzos Marineros350
Sopa De Ajo295

Txanton Menu Philippines Raciones

Chorizo Picante A La Brasa565
Pimientos De Piquillo Rellenos Con Wagyu565
Rebozaditos De Dehesa de los LLanos555
Arroz Cremoso Con Setas Y Foie715
Boquerones En Vinagre695
Huevos Rotos Con Jamón795
Pisto-Pisto Vegetariano525
Tortilla Española595

Txanton Pescado Y Marisco Menu

Vieiras Con Calabaza995
Bacalao A La Vizcaína895
Tuna Ventresca895
Bocaditos De Pescado795
Txipirones Rellenos775
Gambas Al Ajillo695
Albondigas de Mar595

Txanton Carnes Meats Menu

San Jacobo De Solomillo De Vaca1295
Carrilladas De Vaca En Su Jugo1195
Pluma Ibérica3795
Secreto Ibérico3195
Costillas De Cerdo Ibérico1250
Rabo Detoro995
Cordero Lechal Asado10795
Costillas De Cordero5795
Jarrete De Cordero Asado995
Pollo De Granja Asado695

Txanton Bocadillos Calentitos Hot Sandwiches Menu

Pepito De Ternera695
De Lomo Adobado De Cerdo Ibérico695
De Chorizo Picante595

Txanton Pan Y Aceites Menu

La Cata Delos Tres Olivos595
Aubocassa Arbequina450
Torelló Arbequina Y Sabatera450
Knolive Epicure485
Neus Priorat Natur Olive Oil450
Oro Del Desierto Single Estate485
Oro Del Desierto Coupage450
Oro Del Desierto Arbequina395
Oro Del Desierto Picual395
Oro Del Desierto Lechín De Granada395
Oro Del Desierto Hojiblanca395

Txanton Postres Desserts Menu

Tarta De Manzana Con Helado De Vainilla350
Pastel De Chocolate Caliente295
Crema De Queso225
Tarta De Queso225
Crema Catalana195
Tocino De Cielo175
Cheese Txanton Ice Cream280
Torello EVOO Txanton Ice Cream280
Red Wine Txanton Ice Cream280
Chocolate Txanton Ice Cream280

Txanton Bocadillos Frios Menu

Anchoas Con Tomate995
Jamón Ibérico Bellota995
Lomito Ibérico Bellota750
Lomo Ibérico Bellota695
Mejillones Con Mayonesa695
Jamón Ibérico Campo595
Chorizo Ibérico Bellota375
Salchichón Ibérico Bellota375

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not at all! Their friendly staff is happy to guide you and answer any questions you have.

Yes! Their online shop delivers all their goodies straight to your door.

Prices vary depending on what you order, but they offer a range of options to fit different budgets.

Final Words

Suppose you’re looking for a taste of Spain without leaving the Philippines. From their premium wines and melt-in-your-mouth jamón to the cozy restaurant and convenient online shop, they have everything you need for a delicious Spanish adventure. Dive into their world of gourmet delights and discover a whole new level of flavor. The reasonable prices make Txanton an excellent option for large groups and budget-conscious diners. TXANTON is the perfect place to find Spain’s rich flavors and traditions. The service at Txanton menu Philippines is fast and efficient, and the ingredients are always fresh and of high quality.

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