Cilantro Menu Philippines

Cilantro Menu Philippines offers the best food and tastes to boost your hunger. Cilantro offers Chinese and different worldwide dishes. Multiple dishes, such as breakfast, soup, and salads, the public’s most favored dishes, are made unique and favorite.

Cilantro menu Philippines is not making traditional cousins, but they have become more prevalent in the Philippines and are now more into international cuisines. Cilantro’s mission is to provide something unique and delicious that you like the most, unlike other traditional chains. Customizing orders and making the meal your choice gives you an idea of their tastes and preferences.

Cilantro Breakfast Menu

American Breakfast₱250
Filipino Breakfast₱250
Breakfast Burrito₱250
Dirty Breakfast₱269
Fried Eggs₱100
Plain Omelette₱100
Vegetable Omelette₱120
Ham & Cheese Omelette₱150
Extra Bacon₱120
Cornflakes With Fresh Milk₱100
Plain Bread₱80
Wheat Bread₱80
Garlic Bread₱80

Cilantro Soup Menu

Cheddar Broccoli Soup₱150
Cream Of Zucchini Soup With Herbs₱130
Clear Vegetable Soup With Bouquet Garni₱150
Cream Of Corn And Pumpkin Soup₱120
Minestrone Soup₱120
Cream Of Mushroom Soup₱120
Crab And Corn Soup₱120
Arrozcaldo With Chicken And Egg₱150

Cilantro Salad Menu

Caesar Salad Topped With Bacon And Poached Egg₱295
California Maki Salad₱280
Summer Fresh Salad₱230
Classic Chef’s Salad₱250
Chicken Potato Salad₱170
Crusted Chicken On Balsamic Garden₱200
Baby Potato And Bacon Salad₱220
Asian Toasted Sesame Salad₱170
Mediterranean Greek Salad₱180

Cilantro Appetizer Menu

Beef Salpicao₱295
Kilawing Tanigue₱280
Gambas Al Ajillo With Mushrooms₱395
Beef Tapa And Calamares₱280
Nachos Dome₱195
Crunchy Fish Fingers With Paprika Special Dip₱180
Dynamite With Aoli Dip₱180
Cheese Sticks With Mayo Ketchup₱150
Crispy Onion Rings₱150
Beef Papaitan₱195
Tokwat Baboy₱250
Fresh Spring Roll With Shrimp₱195
Fried Vegetable Spring Roll₱150
French Fries₱100
Hot And Spicy Buffalo Wings₱250
Cheesy Buffalo Wings₱250
Garlic Parmesan Wings₱250

There are several restaurants in the Philippines, but Cilantro and Marugame Udon offer slightly different types of cuisine. Cilantro provides a wide range of Filipino, Asian, and other international Cuisines. On the other hand, you can enjoy Japanese food while living or visiting the Philippines by visiting Marugame Udon particularly udon noodles.

Clients of these restaurants in the Philippines can choose any of them based on their ambiance, preference for cuisine type, and price range; moreover, they are well-reputed restaurants in the public.

Cilantro All time Favorites Menu

Garlic Fried Half Chicken In A Basket₱395
Grilled Tanigue Steak₱380
Roasted Crispy Lechon Belly₱550
Pata Bawang₱795
Kare Kare₱395
Beef Caldereta₱360
Beef Morcon With Cheese₱300
Stir-fried sizzling Squid₱320
Grilled Tuna Belly With Teriyaki Sauce₱395
Beef Lengua₱350
Salmon Head Sinigang Sa Miso₱260
Chicken Pork Adobo₱250
Bistek Tagalog₱290
Pork Liempo Bbq₱200
Pinaputok Na Bangus₱250
Fried Boneless Bangus₱230
Ampalaya Con Carne₱195
Guisadong Labong With Coconut Milk₱150

Cilantro Regional Delicacies Menu

Sinuglaw (Sinugba And Kinilaw)₱350
Kbl (Kadyos Baboy Langka)₱295
Adobong Pusit Sa Gata₱395
Chicken Binakol₱250
Chicken Tinola₱250
Pork Humba₱250
Dinuguan With Homemade Puto₱250
Adobong Gata₱295
Adobong Puti₱270
Adobo Sa Pinya₱330
Bicol Express₱195

Cilantro International entrees Menu

House Special Grilled Chicken₱295
Usda Grilled Tenderloin Steak With Rosemary Gravy₱795
Grilled Salmon & Prawn₱550
Roast Herb Chicken With Potato Wedges₱295
Prawn And Pumpkin In Coconut Milk Curry₱495
Baked Fish Fillet With Fresh Mango Salsa₱220
Grilled Porkloin With Bean Sprouts₱270
Asian Chicken Kebab With Beansprouts₱230
Shrimp Tempura (6pcs)₱350
Chicken Curry₱230
Chinese Style Stir Fry Chicken₱250
Crunchy Fish & Chips₱250

Cilantro Pasta & Noodles Menu

Shrimp Pepperoncini₱295
Asian Shrimp Pepperoncini₱295
Fresh Basil Pesto Cream Penne₱220
Spaghetti Bolognese₱250
Fettuccine Carbonara₱250
La Paz Batchoy₱170
Special Lomi₱180
Pancit Canton₱170
Pancit Bihon₱170
Pancit Bam-i₱180
Chicken Sotanghon₱150

Cilantro Sandwiches & Wraps Menu

Burger Mushroom₱250
Chicken Sliders₱220
Ground Beef Stuffed Pita₱250
Shredded Chicken Stuffed Pita₱220
Tuna Melt₱195
Chicken Tortilla Melt₱230
Vegetable Quesadilla₱195
Usda Tenderloin Steak Sandwich₱320
Grilled Cheese Sandwich₱180
Cheese Overload Quesadilla₱250

Cilantro Dessert Menu

New York Cheesecake₱175
Strawberry Cheesecake₱190
Blueberry Cheesecake₱190
Chocolate Cheesecake₱195
Cafe Mocha Cheesecake₱220
Mango Cheesecake₱195
White Chocolate Cheesecake₱230
Oreo Cheesecake₱230
Caramel Snickers Cheesecake₱230
Choco Mango Wafer Ice Cream₱140
Frozen Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream₱195
Strawberry Banana Parfait₱150
Oreo Loco₱150
Ube Mango Delight₱140
Pistachio Overload₱120
Kids Favourite₱150
Banana Split₱195
Banana Crepe Ala Mode₱120
Mango Crepe Ala Mode₱120
Turon De Saba Ala Mode₱70
Caramel Custard₱70
Coffee Jelly₱70
Buko Pandan₱70
Assorted Fresh Fruit Platter₱175

Cilantro Soft Drink Menu

Coke Regular₱70
Coke Zero₱70
Coke Light₱70

Cilantro Water Menu

Bottled Water₱70
Soda Water₱100
Tonic Water₱100

Cilantro Iced tea & juices Menu

Namemade Iced Tea₱85
Lemon Iced Tea₱70
Red Iced Tea₱70
Green Iced Tea₱70
Chilled Orange Juice₱60
Chilled Pineapple Juice₱60

Cilantro Coffee Menu

Brewed Coffee₱60
Espresso Single₱80
Espresso Double₱150
Cafe Latte₱100
Cafe Mocha₱130
Caramel Macchiato₱130
Frappe Cafe Latte₱120
Frappe Cafe Mocha₱150
Frappe Cappuccino₱150
Frappe Caramel Macchiato₱150

Cilantro menu philippines

Gryphon Tea

Gryphon Tea (₱70)

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea (₱70)

Cilantro Chocolate & milk Menu

Hot Milk₱60
Cold Milk₱60
Hot Chocolate₱70
Cold Chocolate₱70

Cilantro Fresh fruit juice Menu

Fresh Mango Juice₱130
Fresh Pineapple Juice₱100
Fresh American Lemon Juice₱170
Fresh Watermelon Juice₱110
Fresh Orange Juice₱180
Fresh Apple Juice₱130
Fresh Buko Juice₱150

Cilantro Fresh fruit shake Menu

Fresh Mango Shake₱150
Fresh Pineapple Shake₱120
Fresh Apple Shake₱130
Fresh Watermelon Shake₱180

Cilantro Milk Shake Menu

Fresh Mango Milkshake₱170
Fresh Avocado Milkshake₱180
Fresh Banana Milkshake₱120
Strawberry Milkshake₱130
Choco Milkshake₱130
Root Beer Float₱140

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Cilantro is the name for the fresh leaves and stems of the Coriandrum sativum plant. It’s a popular herb in many cuisines around the world, mainly Mexican, South Asian, and Southeast Asian. Cilantro menu Philippines use it in dishes to cook.

Yes, coriander and cilantro are the same. Coriander commonly refers to the seeds, while “cilantro” refers to the leaves and stems.

Technically, no. Cilantro is classified as an herb because it’s the leafy part of the plant, used for its flavor.

Cilantro tastes like soap for some people due to genetic differences in taste perception. but it is cooked by some great chef of Cilantro menu Philippines, its taste is so much good.

Cilantro is rich in antioxidants and may have anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains vitamins and minerals, contributing to overall health. Cilantro menu Philippines cook dishes with it.

Cilantro menu Philippines is often used in salsa, guacamole, curries, and various salads for its fresh and aromatic flavor.

Final Words

Cilantro Menu Philippines is located at Manila Lotus Hotel Ermita. if you are food enthusiasts then try something unique opposite from traditional food, then you are at the right place. Cilantro offers dining for family and friends.

Cilantro restaurant Locations

Here are the different locations of Cilantro menu Philippines.

Cilantro by Ibarra’s-Cilantro menu Philippines
Located in Manila Lotus Hotel
Address 1227, A. Mabini, corner P. Faura Street, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Hours:Monday-Sunday 10 Am-9 Pm
Cilantro Leaf Cafè and Restaurant-Cilantro price Philippines
Address: 6PQ9+VQ7, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
Hours:Monday-Sunday 7 Am-8Pm
Cilantro RESTAURANT-Cilantro menu Philippines
Address FX95+Q4M, Circumferential Rd, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Hours:Monday-Sunday 10 Am-9 Pm
Cilantro Leaf Cafè and Restaurant-Cilantro menu Philippines
Address 6PQ9+VQ7, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
Hours:Monday-Sunday 7 Am-8 Pm

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