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Hachibei menu Philippines is haven for food lovers boasts an extensive menu, teasing your taste buds with different options ranging from juicy beef and seafood to refreshing fruit shakes and desserts.

Hachibei seamlessly blends the spirit of traditional Japan with Filipino-inspired adaptations. Imagine savoring melt-in-your-mouth tempura shrimp alongside flavorful teriyaki chicken or satisfying in a hearty ramen bowl while enjoying the friendly environment. Whether a local or a visitor, the modern-yet-traditional ambiance welcomes you with open arms.

Hachibei Beef Menu

Sukiyaki Spinach Enoki270
Steak Shio180
Saikoro Wagyu Steak545

Hachibei Pork Menu

Buta Bara150
Japanese Spinach Buta Bara Roll130
Asparagus Buta Bara Roll165
Tomato Bacon Roll220
Mozzarella Bacon Roll130

Hachibei Chicken Menu

Tsukune (Meatball) Tare130
Tebasaki (Chicken Wings)170
Tori Momo (Chicken Thigh)200
Tori Momo Shio (Salt)200
Tori Momo Tare (Yaktori Sauce)200
Tori Momo Mentaiko240
Tori Momo Yuzu Kosho (Citrus Pepper)240
Tori Mune (Chicken Breast) Tare160

Hachibei Platter Menu

5 Sticks480
10 Sticks1255
Chashu Chahan280

Hachibei Hachibei Bento Menu

Fukuoka Bento300
Tenjin Bento330
Hakata Bento380
Maebaru Bento380
Itoshima Bento510
Nakasu Bento530

Seafood hachibei Menu Philippines

Lidako Shio (Baby Octopus Salt)185
Lidako Tare (Baby Octopus Yakitori Sauce)185
Salmon Shio (Salt)295
Salmon Tare (Yakitori Sauce)295

Hachibei Vegetable Menu

Green Pea Croquette115
Shitake Mushroom135
Eringi Mushroom150
Mixed Mushroom (Eringi & Shitake)150
Tomorokoshi (Japanese Corn)85
Satsumaimo (Sweet Potato)110
Jagaimo (Potato)95
Grilled Avacado (Halved)150
Avacado Skewer150

Hachibei Soft Serve Ice Cream Menu

Hokkaido Soft Serve in Lengua de Gato Cone125
Hokkaido Soft Serve in a Cup with Kuromitsu Boba150
Hokkaido Soft Serve in a Cup with Lengua de Gato150

Hachibei Pastries Menu

Nutella Cheesecake280
Lava Cake with Hokkaido Soft Serve280

Hachibei Fruit Shakes Menu

Ripe Mango Shake165
Green Mango Shake165
Pineapple Shake125
Watermelon Shake125

Hachibei Beverages Menu

House Blend120
Lychee Peach IT120
Coke Regular85
Coke Zero85
Sprite Regular85
Sarsi Regular85
Hope in a Bottle45

Hachibei Beer Below Zero Menu

Sapporo Premium Beer270
San Mig Light200

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

The general price range of the Hachibei menu at the store is between 45 and 1255. This covers a wide array of menu items, ensuring there’s something for every budget.

Hachibei’s extensive menu features a variety of categories, such as Beef, Pork, Chicken, Platter, Hachibei Bento, Seafood, Vegetable, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Pastries, Fruit Shakes, Beverages, and Beer Below Zero.

Yes, Hachibei offers vegan alternatives, including appetizers like stir-fried noodles and various vegetable options in the Vegetable Menu. The restaurant strives to accommodate diverse tastes and dietary preferences.

Certainly! Hachibei’s dessert menu includes delightful treats like mochi ice cream balls, matcha green tea ice cream, Nutella Cheesecake, and Lava Cake with Hokkaido Soft Serve, ensuring a sweet ending to your dining experience.

For the latest promotions or special deals, it is recommended to check Hachibei’s official website or contact the restaurant directly. They may have seasonal offerings or discounts that could enhance your dining experience.

final words

Indulge your cravings for authentic Japanese fare at Hachibei Restaurant. From sizzling yakitori to delicate sushi and hearty ramen, the menu promises a delectable journey through culinary Japan. With its inviting atmosphere and commitment to fresh ingredients, Hachibei menu Philippines is a must visit for anyone seeking a unique and satisfying dining experience.

locations of hachibei

Hachibei menu Philippines
Kiwami Food Hall
Ground Floor, Kiwami Food Hall, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines.Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mon–Sun: 11 AM–10 PM
Yakitori Hachibei (Solaria Plaza)
Japan, 〒810-0001 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Tenjin, 2 Chome−2−43 ソラリアプラザ 6f
Thur-Wed: 11 AM–3 PM, 5–11 PM
83 Phạm Viết Chánh, Phường 19, Bình Thạnh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Thur- wed: 11:30 AM–2 PM, 5–11 PM
Yakitori Hachibei (Roppongi Store)
Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 7 Chome−4−5 六本木稲垣ビル B1F
Thur-wed: 5:30–11 PM
Yakitori Hachibei (Bekkan)
1 Chome-1-9 Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, 812-0018, Japan
Thur-Wed: 5–11 PM
Yakitori Hachibei (Imaizumi Store)
2 Chome-5-28 Imaizumi, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810-0021, Japan
Thur-Wed 5 PM–12 AM
Yakitori Hachibei | HakataJapan
〒812-0012 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Hakataekichuogai, 8−1 B1
Thur-Wed: 11:30 AM–11 PM

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