Sofitel Menu Philippines

Sofitel Menu Philippines offers a variety of delicious options, including Asian and Continental breakfast, appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, sandwiches, desserts, and even a juice bar. You can also enjoy a selection of tea, coffee, and chocolate.

The Sofitel Manila menu in the Philippines is crafted using local ingredients, giving you the authentic taste of Filipino favourites like adobo, pancit, and sinigang. Additionally, they feature delightful dishes from other countries such as France and Italy.

Sofitel has a special menu for birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events. Explore the Sofitel Menu Philippines for a delightful dining experience that combines local and international flavours in a luxurious setting.

Sofitel Breakfast Menu

Three Egg Omelette₱660
Eggs Benedict₱780
Selection of Morning Pastries₱350

Sofitel Continental breakfast Menu

Fresh Fruit Juice₱700
Seasonal Fruit Plate₱700
Hot Beverage₱700
Assortment of Freshly Baked Pastries₱700

Sofitel Hotels manila

Sofitel Appetizers Menu

Tuna Tartare₱780
Foie Gras₱940
Pan Seared Scallops₱875

Sofitel Menu Philippines

Soup of The Day

Our Soup of The Day is available during both lunch and dinner service, offering you the opportunity to savor a new culinary masterpiece with every visit to Sofitel.


Sofitel Salad Menu

Caesar Salad₱650
Salad Parisienne₱580
Healthy Salad₱550

Health is not a minor or ignorable thing. Salads are healthy and give you a variety of fresh flavors in one bite. Salads can be simple and easy to digest at any age. Cilantro seasonal and veggie salads are the best with the green leaves and vegetables are used to make salads like lettuce, spinach, or arugula. Add fruits, nuts, seeds, cheeses, and proteins of your own choice.

Calorie: Salads are a great source of calories and proteins. Adding notes and chees and fatty ingredients can increase calories.

Sofitel Main Course Menu

Garden Vegetable Pesto Pasta₱700
Fettuccine al Fruiti di Mare₱800
Baked Barramundi Provencal₱1200
Chicken Fricassee₱680
Braised Beef Cheek₱1000
Double Cooked Pork Belly₱900
Tournedos with Bordelaise Sauce₱1830

Sofitel Sandwiches Menu

Beef Burger on Olive Bun₱780
Chickpeas Burger₱750
Club Sandwich₱650

Sofitel Desserts Menu

Belgian Caramelized Banana Gateaux₱370
Cheese Plater₱710
Fruit Platter₱456
Blueberry Eclair₱370
Mango Coconut Mille Feuille₱370

Sofitel Juice Menu

Apple Fresh₱300
Mango Fresh₱300
Banana Fresh₱300
Calamansi Fresh₱300
Coconut Fresh₱300
Cranberry Fresh₱300
Grapefruit Fresh₱300
Orange Fresh₱300
Pineapple Fresh₱300
Strawberry Fresh₱300
Watermelon Fresh₱300
Apple Chilled₱250
Mango Chilled₱250
Mango Chilled₱250
Calamansi Chilled₱250
Carrot Chilled₱250
Coconut Chilled₱250
Cranberry Chilled₱250
Grapefruit Chilled₱250
Orange Chilled₱250
Pineapple Chilled₱250
Strawberry Chilled₱250
Watermelon Chilled₱250
Apple Shake₱300
Mango Shake₱300
Banana Shake₱300
Calamansi Shake₱300
Carrot Shake₱300
Coconut Shake₱300
Cranberry Shake₱300
Grapefruit Shake₱300
Orange Shake₱300
Pineapple Shake₱300
Strawberry Shake₱300
Watermelon Shake₱300

Sofitel Tea Time Menu

Black Tea₱220
Green Tea₱220
Infused with Herb₱220

Sofitel Coffee Menu

Cafe Latte₱300
Iced Coffee₱300
Cookies & Cream₱300
Dark Choco₱300
Hot Chocolate₱300
Mocha Frappe₱300

Sofitel Spiral Buffet Price & Timing


Frequently asked questions (fAQ)

The buffet at Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is ₱4,999 net per person.

To make a dining reservation for Sofitel Menu Philippines, visit our website and use the online reservation system. Alternatively, you can call our restaurant or our reservations team for assistance.

The owner of Sofitel Hotels & Resorts is Accor.

Yes, Sofitel Manila typically offers gift cards for purchase.

Various payment methods are accepted, such as cash, credit cards, and online payment options are acceptable for Sofitel Menu Philippines.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines

Yes, Sofitel Menu Philippines offers signature dishes, and people like it.

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our guests. We have implemented rigorous hygiene protocols to ensure a secure dining environment and adhere to all relevant health and safety guidelines.

Final words

A friendly environment and unforgettable tastes are arranged under one roof at Sofitel! Filipinos like French dishes and even fresh juices; they have it all. Come hungry, try something new, or celebrate with their special menus. It’s going to be delicious with the Sofitel menu in the Philippines.

Sofitel location

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (Sofitel Westin Philippine plaza)
CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours: 3:00 pm-12:00 pm

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