Purple Oven Menu Philippines is a bakery chain, known for its best cakes, pastries, and breads. They have several branches nationwide, offering a tempting array of baked goods made with fresh, high quality ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Filipino treat like a tasty cake or a modern twist on a favourite like cheesecake, Purple Oven Menu Philippines has something to satisfy your cravings. They also have comprehensive options, like sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta, perfect for a quick and delicious meal.

Purple Oven Cakes Menu Prices

White Chocolate Sans Rival₱1030
Rustic Chocolate Torte₱1030
Merry Cherry Torte₱1030
Mango Walnut Torte₱1030
Lemon Torte₱1030
Honeycomb Crunch Cake₱970
Pistachio Stardust₱970
Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch Cake₱970
Strawberry Kisses₱1030
Little Carrot Cake (pc)₱140

Purple Oven Chocolate Cakes

Classic Chocolate Cake₱760
Grandma’s Chocolate Cake₱790
Chocolate Dome Cake₱790
Chocolate Campfire₱840
Chocolate Lava Cake₱140
Purple Oven Menu Philippines

Purple Oven Cheesecakes Menu Prices

New York Cheesecake₱1160
Blueberry Cheesecake₱1160
Oreo Cheesecake₱1160

Purple Oven menu philippines

Purple Oven Tub Desserts

Strawberries & Cream₱1370

Purple Oven Pies Menu

Apple Crumb Pie₱870
Banoffee Pie₱870
Turtle Pie₱870
Chocnut Pie₱870
Little Apple Pie (pc)₱170
Little Banoffee Pie (pc)₱140
Little Chocnut Pie (pc)₱170
Little Pecan Pie (pc)₱170

Purple Oven Loaves

Banana Loaf₱380
Carrot Walnut Loaf₱380
Apple Crumble Loaf₱380
Orange Almond Loaf₱410
Pistachio Lime Load₱410
Chocolate Banana Walnut Loaf₱410

Purple Oven Bars Menu

Mango Bars₱380
Lemon Bars₱380
Double Chocolate Brownies₱380
Fudge Brownies₱380
Food for the Gods₱380
Chocolate Revel Bar₱380

Purple Oven Philippines

Apple Crum₱870
Oreo Cheesecake₱1160
Chocolate Lava Cake₱140

Purple Oven Sweet Breads

Honey glazed donut₱45
Chocolate dipped donut₱50
Sugar raised donut₱45
Cheese roll₱70
Soft cinnamon rolls₱85

Purple Oven Croissants Prices

Butter croissant₱70
Chocolate croissant₱80
Ham and cheese croissant₱100

Purple Oven Savory buns prices

Pork asado bun₱75
Corned beef bun₱75
Floss bun₱75
Tuna bun₱75
Ham and cheese bun₱75
Sausage bun₱75
Bacon and egg bun₱75

Purple Oven Cookies Prices

Reese’s Peanut Butter Chip Cookie (pc)₱70
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (pc)₱70
Chocolate Macadamia Cookie (pc)₱70
Chocolate Dipped Cookie (pc)₱70
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (pc)₱70
Chocolate Crinkles₱380

Purple Oven Puff Pastries Prices

Spinach danish₱90
Chili con carne turnover₱90
Salmon and egg turnover₱90
Chicken curry turnover₱90
Tuna turnover₱90
Sausage puff₱90
Chorizo roll₱95

Purple Oven Uiches Prices

Quiche Lorraine₱110
Quiche tinapa₱110
Broccoli and cheese quiche₱110
Salmon and leek quiche₱130

Purple Oven Pretzels Prices

Cinnamon raisin pretzel₱90
Parmesan pretzel₱90

Purple Oven Little Cakes And Pies Prices

Little carrot cake₱150
Chocolate lava cake₱150
Little apple crumb pie₱185
Little banoffee pie₱150

Artisan bread Purple Oven Prices


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Look into the Purple Oven Cookies Prices box for the complete rate list. They start from ₱70-₱380

Yes! The Purple Oven Menu Philippines aligns seamlessly with the restaurant’s offerings, ensuring customers enjoy the same delectable treats whether dining in or for delivery. Consistency in quality and diverse pastries define the Purple Oven experience, regardless of the chosen dining mode.

Purple Oven Menu Philippines presents various career opportunities for individuals seeking to join a dynamic and passionate team. Explore the possibilities of being a part of the culinary excellence that defines Purple Oven, where your skills and enthusiasm can contribute to creating delightful experiences for our valued customers.

Look into the location box, which is written below hours and locations are written in it.

Purple Oven Menu Philippines accommodates custom cake and pastry orders. You can contact them directly to discuss and tailor your specific requirements.

Not all Purple Oven locations have an online shop. Additionally, some bakery websites only offer delivery of Purple Oven Menu Philippines within a specific geographic area.

While they offer various vegetarian options, Purple Oven’s vegan selections may be limited, so it’s recommended that you check with them for information.

The top-selling products are the Ube Custard Cake, Cheese Rolls, and Chocolate Caramel Cake.

final words

Purple Oven menu Philippines has got you covered, besh. Every bite’s a fiesta. fill your tummy with sweet and smiles for your soul. So ditch the hangry, grab a friend, and dive into Purple Oven’s delicious menu. In addition to their dine-in and takeaway options, Purple Oven Menu Philippines also offers delivery and catering services, making it a convenient choice for any occasion. So, next time you’re in the Philippines, check out Purple Oven and experience happiness in every bite.

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Address: F7 Rallos, 49 Sct. Rallos St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Purple Oven Menu Philippines
Address: Sacred Heart St, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Address: San Antonio Plaza Arcade, 50 McKinley Rd, Fobres Park, Makati, 1220 Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Address: The Clubhouse at Corinthian Hills, Temple Dr, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Address: Santolan Town Plaza, 276 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 10 AM–8 PM
Address: 327 Capt. Henry P. Javier, Pasig, 1604 Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Address: ATC Corporate Center, Madrigal Ave, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM
Address: Senta Condominium,, Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours:Sunday–saturday 8 AM–9 PM

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