S&R Membership Shopping

SR membership shopping discounts to its customers. Whether you are a bulk buyer or an average purchaser, you can avail of a high-volume discount and multiple deals via a membership card. They give priority to their members by giving them extra discounts and offers on multiple sections. You can also use this card in the food section.

S&R offers more than just discounts. Their in-house restaurants are popular for their large portions and reasonable prices, accessible only to members. Plus, there might be exclusive member events or services to consider.

S&R types of cards

S&R Membership Shopping offers two main types of membership cards.

  • Gold Membership
  • Business Membership
SR Membership Shopping
S&R Business Membership card

Gold Membership

 This is the standard membership option for individuals and families. It costs around ₱700 annually and allows access to all S&R clubs and their benefits. 

Business Membership

This is for the Business supplies in bulk. It has a slightly higher annual fee of around ₱900 and might come with additional benefits relevant to businesses.

Additional Cards

Supplementary Cardholder

 You can add supplementary cards to your primary membership for a fee, typically around ₱400 each. These cards allow designated individuals to shop at S&R using your membership privileges.

Supplementary Business Members

 Business memberships might allow adding additional cardholders for a fee, similar to the supplementary cards for regular memberships.

SR Membership Shopping Perks

  • you can avail discount on multiple products, including groceries, home goods, appliances, and more.
  • Exclusive member benefits, such as discounts on fuel and travel.

Gas discount at Unioil

S&R members can get discount on gas of Unioil. without receipt of a minimum purchase or a coupon, its only available on card.

S&R branded items

One of the things you’ll notice at S&R stores is the section for baked goods, These are only available at S&R Membership Shopping, and here is a list of recommendations you can use as a guide to know which ones to add to your cart, like the Apple Strudel and the Chocolate Decadent Cake. There are gallons of vegetable oil, frozen chicken nuggets, and even packs of kitchen towels you can use to clean up the surfaces in your kitchen and beyond.

S&R New York Style Pizza

In S&R Membership Shopping stores, there’s usually an S&R New York Style Pizza food court where you can order their famous pizzas. We’ve arranged a list of the items on the menu, so you’ll love the other underrated items in there menu list.

Promos and discounts

Obviously, S&R promos are only available at S&R! This is especially useful if you visit a branch often because you can immediately avail of their promos instead of dropping by a day late to see the coveted items are out of stock. If you’re a cardholder, you can enjoy their buy one, take one deals and discounts, like the ones included in the Members’ Fest that happens for the whole month of September.

Exclusive appliance brands

Did you know some appliance brands are only sold in S&R branches? This includes the appliance brands Baumann Living and Tyler, which you can see IRL at S&R branches or at their showroom. You can see and even test out their gorgeous espresso makers with milk frothers, such as these, the multi-cooker and pressure cooker in one, or their smokeless grill and many more.

Offers for Non Members

MetroMart app

S&R Membership Shopping is available via this super convenient mobile application. They’ve categorized their new items, promos, and bestsellers for easy navigation.

  • Additional Fee 5%
  • ₱81 Shopping Fee


It is a newly launched all-in-one lifestyle delivery application that provides groceries and food, among other things. This application lets you choose which S&R Membership Shopping branch delivers to your doorstep.

  • Additional Fee 5%
  • ₱100 Shopping Fee

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To get a membership at S&R, visit one of their store locations and inquire at the membership desk for the membership form.

The membership fee for S&R depends on the type of membership For golden membership ₱700 and for business membership ₱900.

Renewal fees for S&R memberships may also vary and typically depend on the type of membership you have. Similar to the initial membership fee, it’s advisable to check with your local S&R store for the renewal fees.

In general, S&R is a membership-based store, meaning you usually need a membership to shop there. However, some locations may offer limited access for non-members or allow non-members to accompany a member as a guest. It’s best to check with your local S&R store for their specific policies regarding non-members.

Discover the S&R branch, which is located on Congressional Avenue in Quezon City, where you may apply for membership and enjoy fine shopping.

Get your membership and enjoy a fun shopping experience by visiting the S&R store, which is situated in the peaceful Nuvali, Laguna.

At the S&R location tucked away in the center of Commonwealth, Quezon City, you can apply for membership and enjoy first-rate shopping options.

Visit the S&R store along busy Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City to sign up for membership and take advantage of a wide selection of excellent products.

Discover the pleasures of the S&R Alabang location in thriving Muntinlupa City, where you may pick up your membership card and lose yourself in an amazing shopping experience.

You’ll get your unique S&R membership card after you successfully enroll, which will provide you access to a ton of benefits, savings, and special deals at all S&R locations.

Final words

As you start your membership shopping adventure at S&R, may the shelves be brimming with treasures and the aisles full of joys. Holding your membership card gives you access to a universe of high-quality goods, special offers, and unforgettable shopping experiences in addition to a store. S&R is here to meet your demands. To many successful shopping expeditions and the delight of learning something new every time. Happy shopping

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