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Putien Menu Philippines is a well-known Chinese restaurant chain serving traditional Fujian cuisine with a Filipino twist. Since opening in Makati City in 2018, it has gained popularity for its delectable and comforting dishes. The extensive menu features classic Fujian fare like Roast Duck and Braised Sliced Beef Belly alongside contemporary specialties like Truffle Crispy Rice and Broccoli with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce. Vegetarian options like yam ring with bitter gourd sauce are also available.

In 2000, Uncle Fong, craving authentic Putian food in Singapore, opened the first PUTIEN, aiming to be the best Chinese restaurant operator. Locally sourced ingredients ensure freshness and flavor. Putien Menu Philippines is committed to providing excellent quality food and service, drawing inspiration from the coastal city of Putian, China, known for its seafood-focused Henghwa cuisine. Seasonal food festivals further showcase the emphasis on fresh, peak-season ingredients. Enjoy authentic Fujian comfort food at Putien.

Putien Menu Philippines Starter

Seaweed and mini shrimps dressed with sauce288
Braised pig intestine388
Ah yuan fragrant herbal chicken348
Iced nanri abalone588
Iced bitter gourd188
Braised bamboo shoot388
Braised homemade bean curd288
Jellyfish salad188
Starters platter498
Putien century egg188
Deep fried yellow croaker588
Cold pork trotters jelly288

Putien Appetizer

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax6-8 Pax
Braised Bamboo Shoots5888881338
Braised Homemade Beancurd88813382008
Braised Pig Intestine116817482448
Century Egg5888881338
Seaweed Minishrimp Dressed w/ Sauce88813382008

Putien Menu Philippines Soup

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax8-10 Pax
Braised Beancurd w/ Chinese Cabbage88813382088
Claypot Fish Soup (Grouper Fish)138820883138
Double Boiled Chicken Soup w/ Red Mushroom128819382908
Bian Rou Soup69011041380
Seaweed Tofu w/ Crabmeat Soup5888881338

Putien Main Course

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax8-10 Pax
Fried Henghwa Beehon5588881248
Putien Ca Fen5588881248
Putien Lormee5588881248
Mazu Mee Sua368558888
Cabbage Rice368558888
Lor Mee368558888

Putien Meat Menu

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax8-10 Pax
Claypot Chicken In Fermented Red Rice Wine73810881468
Deep Fried Pork Trotter w/ Salt & Pepper119019042380
Deep Fried Chicken W/ Garlic4889681448
Putien Style Braised Pork Ribs84013381680
Shredded Pork w/ Sesame Bun490784980
Sweet And Sour Pork W/ Lychee5888881168

Putien Seafood Menu

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax8-10 Pax
Bamboo Herbal Prawn95214281904
Black Pepper Crab w/ Mantou5800870011600
Braised Nanri Abalone w/ Broccoli360048006000
Cereal Prawn68810381368
Chili Crab w/ Small Mantou5800870011600
Claypot Abalone Sea Cucumber388854887788
Claypot Sea Cucumber W/ Chestnuts193829083868
Crispy Oyster6589881488
Deep Fried Squirrel Fish (Sweet & Sour Sauce)13882748
Deep Fried Tenggiri Fish99015841980
Deep Fried Yellow Croaker117617642352
Pan Fried Yellow Croaker Fish88813382008
Salt & Pepper Prawns68810381368
Steamed Prawn W/ Minced Garlic68810381368
Stir Fry Chili Clams5888881338
Strirfried Chilli Clams5888881168
Sweet and Sour Prawns68810381368

Putien Beancurd And Vegetables

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax8-10 Pax
Braised Bitter Gourd438658868
Braised Luffa W/ Conpoy5888881168
Deep-Fried Eggplant Dressed w/ Pork Floss438658868
Homemade Beancurd498748988
Sambal Kangkong5768681148
Spinach W/ Salted Egg And Century Egg5087681008
Stir Fry Kailan W/ Beancurd Skin5888881168

Putien Oyster Festival

Basil Braised Oyster488
Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup438
Pan-Fried Oyster Bee Hoon488
Seaweed Oyster With Fried Eggs488

Putien Sets Menu

Set A – Noodle Set + Dessert of the Day368
Set B – Noodle Set + Meat + Dessert of the Day498
Set A – Bento Box288
Set B – Bento Box348
Set C – Bento Box288
Set D – Bento Box348
Set E – Bento Box348
Set F – Bento Box388
Set G – Bento Box388
Set H – Bento Box388

Putien Dessert Menu

ITEMS4-5 Pax6-8 Pax8-10 Pax
Chilled Lemon Grass Jelly W/ Fruits64010181280
Chilled Putien Loquat In Herbal Jelly84013381680

 Putien Beverages

Sip Water Bottle 500ml35
Royal 330ml88
Sprite 330ml88
Coke 330ml88

Putien Teas

Wu Yi Mountain Early Spring Da Hong Pao (Per Sachet)298
Anxi Tie Guan Yin (Per Sachet)238

Putein White Wine (Bottle)

Alexis Lichine-Chardonnay (France) 750ml1588
Jacob’s Creek Riesling (Australia) 750ml1888

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A restaurant chain serving authentic Fujian cuisine with a global presence.

Putien Menu Philippines, Traditional Fujian dishes with an emphasis on fresh seafood alongside contemporary specialties.

Some Popular items of Putien Menu Philippines are Classics like Roast Duck and Braised Beef Belly, innovative creations like Truffle Crispy Rice, and vegetarian options.

Numerous accolades over the years, including Michelin recognitions and Quality Ingredients, Original Taste awards.

Final Words

Putien Menu Philippines, inspired by Uncle Fong’s vision and dedication to authenticity, has blossomed from a single Singaporean coffee shop into a culinary empire. Their commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional Fujian recipes has garnered them accolades and a loyal following. Whether you’re seeking classic dishes like Roast Duck or adventurous options like curry crabs, Putien offers a delectable journey through the flavors of Fujian right in your backyard. So, experience the warmth and comfort of Putien’s home-style cooking.

Putien Locations

Putien Menu Philippines
Putien Podium
Address:5th Flr, The Podium,18 ADB Ave, Ortigas Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Located in: The Podium
Hours: Sun-Fri 11 Am-10 Pm, Sat (Lunar New Year), 11 Am–10 Pm, Hours might differ
Putien Menu Philippines
Address:H353+34, Taguig, Metro Manila
Hours: Sun-Fri 11 Am-10 Pm, Sat (Lunar New Year), 11 Am–10 Pm, Hours might differ
Putien Menu Philippines
Address: 1209 Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila
Hours: Sun-Fri 11 Am-10 Pm, Sat (Lunar New Year), 11 Am–10 Pm, Hours might differ

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